The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) is required to perform lead and copper testing at residents' water taps every three years. The most recent lead and copper testing in a sampling of Detroit houses occurred in 2014, which found 100% of the houses tested had lead levels well below the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) action level. Download Detroit's 2015 Water Quality Report to view the results.


Detroit Conducting Lead and Copper Testing in Summer 2016

The next lead and copper testing required by the EPA is 2017 for the city of Detroit. DWSD will exceed this standard by conducting lead and copper testing a year earlier with a larger sample size this summer to assess the presence of lead in drinking water across the city, and implement the latest EPA sampling recommendations.

Call 313-964-9300 to learn more.

DWSD will provide more information on the testing process and the final results, once available, on this page and the department's Facebook page.


Drinking Water Quality: Lead and Copper Resources


Lead and Copper Testing Laboratories

  • Great Lakes Water Authority at 313-926-8102
  • Michigan Department of Environmental Quality at 517-335-8184
  • Paragon Lab in Livonia at 734-462-3900