Islandview Greater Villages Planning Strategy

In an effort to further develop Mayor Duggan's commitment to neighborhoods, the City of Detroit's Planning and Development Department (PDD) has embarked on new community planning initiatives in several Detroit neighborhoods, including Islandview, West Village, Indian Village, and East Village.

The City of Detroit is mobilized to create a neighborhood strategy and implementation plan for Detroit's lower east side. The scope of work will incorporate the following categories

  • Landscape Design and Green Stormwater Infrastructure
  • Streetscape and Neighborhood Connectivity
  • Development: Economic, Housing, and Historic Preservation
  • Zoning Assessments

Our planning team, which includes Detroit-based firm Smith Group JJR, harnesses the extensive past planning and implementation work of neighborhood organizations and their partners to build a comprehensive vision for the community.


Community Meetings

Community meetings will be held in March, May, August and September. In April we attended meetings of existing community-based organizations to gather feedback from residents about the planning scopes. We encourage residents to plug in to community organizations.

To provide additional comments please contact:

With advance notice of seven calendar days, the City of Detroit will provide interpreter services at public meetings, including language translation and signage for the hearing impaired. Please contact the Planning and Development Department at (313) 224-1339 to schedule these services.