Environmental Safety Unit

The EHS office is an investigating/consulting agency within the City of Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion

The EHS office goals are accomplished through field investigations regarding conditions that may be detrimental to public health and safety, public health education and initiation of enforcement actions to eliminate potential health hazards.

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EHS investigates conditions that are environmental health hazards or have potential to be environmental hazards impacting public health.  In this capacity EHS works closely with other DHWP programs and frequently works with other City of Detroit Departments including Buildings and Safety Engineering, and Environmental Affairs, as well as non-city agencies that include the Michigan Department of Community Health, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

As the public becomes more aware of environmental issues, the reporting of adverse conditions and complaints in the workplace continues to increase each year. There is daily involvement with numerous agencies and groups in order to resolve problems impacting environmental health in the community. Within DHWP, EHS is a member of an extended Bureau of Environmental Health, which includes Food Sanitation, Animal Control and Care Center, Center for Asthma Education Management and Policy, and the Office of Emergency and Public Health Preparedness. Other City Departments often working along with CIH include Building & Safety Engineering, Public Works, Recreation, Community and Economic Development, and Water and Sewerage. Non-city agencies include the Wayne County Health Department's Air Quality Management Division, the Michigan Department of Community Health and the Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services.

Environmental Health & Safety

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