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Tax Abatement Program

The City of Detroit- Planning and Development Department administers the following tax incentive programs:

Public Act 146 of 2000 the Obsolete Rehabilitation Act, which
provides for reduced property taxes for up to 12 years on
improvements to existing rental residential units and/or commercial
structures , or structures being converted to rental residential and/or
commercial space.

Public Act 198 of 1974 is designed to provide a stimulus in the form
of significant tax incentives to industries that renovate and expand aging
plants, build new plants and promote establishment of research and
development laboratories.

The City of Detroit Human Rights Department monitors developers and contractors to promote local (Detroit Based) business utilization and resident workforce diversity. Please refer to our contracting and employment opportunities section for opportunities under Public Act 146 of 2000.

For opportunities subject to Public Act 198 of 1974 contact the Human Rights Department for further information at (313) 224-2946. For information about applying for a tax abatement or upcoming projects feel free to contact the Planning and Development Department at (313) 224-4521.