Department of Administrative Hearings

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The Hearing Process

The DAH has three separate hearing divisions: Property Maintenance, Zoning, and Solid Waste/Illegal Dumping.

Types of ordinance violations that will be heard in the Property Maintenance division include: failure to obtain certificates of compliance, failure to obtain a certificate of rental registration, rat infestation, failure to remove snow and ice from sidewalks, inoperable vehicles, failure to maintain exterior of property, and failure to comply with emergency orders.

Types of ordinance violations that will be heard in the Zoning division include: violation of special land use grants, change of land use without a permit, change of building use without a permit, and failure to obtain the required certificate of maintenance of grant conditions.

Types of ordinance violations that will be heard in the Solid Waste/Illegal Dumping division include: early bulk placement at the curb, early or late placement of residential garbage containers at the curb, improper storage of solid waste, animal/fowl excrement, and illegal dumping.


Persons or entities that are issued a Blight Violation Notice will be given a chance to present his/her defense(s) at a hearing. Failure to appear at the hearing will result in the entry of an order of judgment by default. DAH hearings are presided over by administrative hearing officers who are licensed Michigan attorneys and independent contractors. City inspectors, police officers, and other City officials present the City of Detroit's case at hearings. Citizens have a right to appeal the hearing officers' decisions to the Wayne County Circuit Court within 28 days of the date of the order. Written information about the procedures for filing an appeal of a DAH order or to set aside a DAH order of default can be picked up at the DAH.