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Environmental Health and Safety

Conditions of Confinement

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39. The DPD shall ensure that all holding cells are cleaned immediately and thereafter are maintained in a clean and sanitary manner.

40. The DPD shall design and implement a cleaning policy for allholding cells. The policy shall require routine cleaning and supervisory inspection of the holding cells and nearby areas.

41. The DPD shall design and implement a maintenance policy for all holding cells that requires timely performance of routine maintenance and the documentation of all maintenance requests and responses in an auditable log.

42. The DPD shall provide adequate heating and ventilation for all buildings containing holding cells.

43. The DPD shall repair all broken or malfunctioning lighting, toilets, sinks and windows in holding cells and observation

44. The DPD shall ensure that lighting in all cell block areas is sufficient to reach 20 foot-candles of illumination at desk level and in personal grooming areas.

45. The DPD shall provide all prisoners with reasonable access to toilets and potable water 24 hours-a-day.

46. The DPD shall ensure that all Hepa-Aire purifiers comply with the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Agency standards.