Communicable Diseases

The Communicable Disease Prevention Division is responsible for coordination and delivery of communicable disease surveillance, prevention, and bioterrorism activities for the City of Detroit.  This division monitors, investigates, and when appropriate, ensures that close contacts of the nationally and state reportable infectious diseases receive preventative treatment or post-exposure prophylaxis.  We are also involved in outbreak investigations (i.e. Anthrax, H1N1, SARS, etc).

Additional activities of this division include tuberculosis case investigations, control and treatment.
This division also works with the Food Sanitation Division of the Department of Health and Wellness Promotion to investigate foodborne disease outbreaks.

Who is Eligible:
Those who live, work, or do business in Detroit.

Angela Hines, DVM, Manager, Disease Control
Karlayne Hodges, MPH, Epidemiologist

Communicable Diseases
and Tuberculosis Programs– (313) 324-9680