wigle development map

The City of Detroit has identified the Wigle site as a tremendous opportunity to further guide the redevelopment of the link between Midtown and Downtown and spur the creation of an inclusive mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood.
The former Wigle Recreation Center and Playfield redevelopment area is a 7-acre site located south of Selden Street, just east of the Lodge Freeway. The site is currently zoned SD2—Special Development District, Mixed-Use. As stated in the City of Detroit Zoning Code (Sec. 61-11-181), the SD2 District is designed to encourage a complementary mixture of uses including residential, business, and office uses that are compatible in a neighborhood center.  It is the purpose of SD code to encourage mixed-use developments that are compatible with the surrounding area and promote pedestrian activity.


Land Sale RFP

Due to the size and prominent location of this vacant site with immediate market potential, the City of Detroit secured the professional architectural and planning services of City Form to bring a concept plan for the Former Wigle Recreation Center and Playfield Site (901 Selden) to a detailed schematic plan.

To achieve this design, the City of Detroit worked with City Form to conduct interdepartmental, in-house design exercises to develop workable alternatives.  As a result, the consultant developed a schematic design package including, a program and an analysis of the preferred development area options, a land use density matrix (e.g. building heights, unit counts, parking spaces, open space), a site plan, open space site and street sections, and block renderings.

These three schematic designs will be included as an appendix to the Wigle Redevelopment RFP scheduled to be released in July 2016.  These schematic designs are intended to communicate the City of Detroit’s future vision of the site and serve as a guide for developers interested in responding to the Wigle Site RFP.