Together, with Detroiters, we will create a Detroit where neighborhoods, homes, and businesses are more healthy,  green, vibrant, and interconnected.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is meeting the needs of our current generations without sacrificing the needs of future generations, through a focus on equity, environment, and economy.  Sustainability issues have a direct impact on residents’ daily lives. From better transportation options — including expansion of bus service and improvements to make walking and biking easier — to energy costs, water, air quality, access to healthy and affordable food, open space, and stormwater management. Sustainability touches all aspects of our daily routines and community life.

Office of Sustainability

Office of Sustainability

In 2017, Mayor Duggan created Detroit’s first citywide Office of Sustainability.

The mission of the Office of Sustainability is to facilitate healthy, green, vibrant, and accessible neighborhoods, homes, and businesses for all Detroiters through:

  • Collaboration between City departments and agencies;
  • Engagement and partnership with residents, businesses and organizations; and,
  • Innovation of policies and processes to better serve Detroiters.

Office of Sustainability
(313) 224-9496

Office of Sustainability
735 Randolph, Suite 904, Detroit, MI 48216

Want to stay engaged?

We are also using exciting new technology to engage residents and understand the sustainability needs of Detroiters right in their communities. To keep engaged with the Sustainability Action Agenda
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Sustainability Action Agenda

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