• O’Shea Park
  • Bioretention garden built on Evergreen Road in Warrendale
  • Contractor training to be launched in 2017 for green stormwater infrastructure (funded by Erb)
  • Dequindre Cut Greenway

Sustainability issues have a direct impact on residents’ daily lives. From public transit options — including expansion of bus service, the new QLine streetcar and the MoGo Bike Share program — to energy costs, water, air quality, access to healthy and affordable food, open space, and stormwater management. Sustainability touches all aspects of our daily routines and community life. Under the leadership of Mayor Duggan, the City of Detroit is committed to enhancing the sustainability of the city and taking steps to improve the quality of life for all residents. Some examples are:

  • Opening of first new street car in 50 years (the QLine)
  • Launching of the Mo-Go bike share program
  • Conversion of all of the city's 65,000 streetlights to LEDs, the largest LED streetlight network in the US
  • Commitment of $3 million/year to green stormwater infrastructure
  • Adoption of "green demolition" standards and demolition of more than 12,000 abandoned structures
  • Expansion of the DDOT bus fleet with hybrid buses
  • Energy benchmarking and audits of City buildings

To build upon this work and create a centralized focal point for collaboration on sustainability issues, Mayor Duggan created the City's first Office of Sustainability in May 2017. The Office of Sustainability facilitates healthy, green, vibrant, and accessible neighborhoods, homes, and businesses for all Detroiters. This new office is focused on strengthening coordination among Detroit’s municipal departments; building partnerships with neighborhoods, businesses and philanthropic and non-governmental organizations; securing new funding for the city, and achieving operational savings for the City. The Office is continuously seeking input from all interested parties on how Detroit can become a more sustainable city and how sustainability can directly improve the lives of all Detroiters. Active engagement and partnerships with the broad diversity of Detroit stakeholders are critical to sustainability and are a centerpiece of this Office’s efforts. Please submit your ideas here:

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