The Detroit Parks and Recreation Department provides a number of activities and programs for youth, teens and adults throughout the year at 11 Recreation Centers across the city. Activities include basketball, baseball and soccer to senior activities to swimming, archery, hockey and crafts, making these centers hubs of activity throughout the year.

From July 10 - August 11, those activities will expand to include 16 Detroit Summer Fun Centers through an innovative partnership with the Detroit Public Schools Community District. This will increase the number of recreation centers available to Detroit youth this summer from 11 to 27.

The centers will operate Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. and provide youth, from ages 6-17, with indoor and outdoor activities, arts-n-crafts, games, and breakfast and lunch each day.

The program is open to Detroit children only. Parents/guardians must register their children for the program by filling out one of the forms.

Detroit Summer Fun Centers

The Detroit Summer Fun Centers are:

Brenda Scott Academy
18440 Hoover

Carstens Elementary
13000 Essex Ave.

Carver STEM Academy
18701 Paul

Cody High School
18445 Cathedral

Cooke STEM Academy
18800 Puritan Avenue

East English Village Preparatory Academy
5020 Cadieux

Gardner Elementary School
6528 Mansfield

Gompers Elementary-Middle School
14450 Burt Road

Henry Ford High School
20000 Evergreen

Hutchinson Elementary-Middle School
2600 Garland

JR King Academic & Performing Arts Academy
15850 Strathmoor

Mackenzie Elementary-Middle School
10147 W. Chicago

4700 Tireman Ave.

Pasteur Elementary
19811 Stoepel

Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy
2585 Grove Street

Western International High School
1500 Scotten

See press release about doubling Rec Centers.

In addition, the Parks and Recreation Department offers a number of activities and programs throughout the year for youth, teens and adults. Please scroll down for more information.

Park photos

Public green space is critical to the strength of every neighborhood. Parks and recreation centers promote healthy lifestyles, crime reduction, community interaction, climate change management, and educational opportunities. For that reason, in 2016 the City has committed an investment of almost $12 million in Detroit’s neighborhood parks. This comes after a nearly two-year planning process focused on prioritizing parks in every corner of the city where residents but especially youth and seniors live.

The City of Detroit Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for 308 parks and 12 recreation facilities across every neighborhood in the city. Detroit's parks range from mini parks under 2 acres of land, to sprawling parks like Rouge Park, which covers more than 1,000 acres. Residents and visitors can take advantage of a number of park amenities including basketball and volleyball courts, soccer and football fields, ice skating rinks, swing and climbing sets, sledding hills and more.

Below, you will find a number of links to help you find the recreation opportunities you are interested in.

Ordinance # 40-1-28 and 40-1-29
Ordinance # 40-1-10

1. NO WEAPONS, DRUGS OR ALCOHOL. Ordinance #55-1-8 and 38-5-1

2. No disorderly conduct (profanity, lewd acts, fighting, standing on vehicles, illegal occupation). Ordinance #38-5-1

3. No speeding or reckless driving (burning or squealing of tires)

4. PARKING OR DRIVING of vehicles, including ATV’s, on the grass or other non-designated areas is prohibited.  This includes loading/unloading of vehicles and equipment.  Ordinance #40-1-28, 40-1-29 and 34-2-2 

5. No amplified music

6. Shelters, canopies (tents), inflatables, fields and photography/filming must be reserved by permit.  Contact the Recreation Department (313) 224-1100

7. Permit holders and vendors erecting canopies and inflatables may not drive or park on the grass (Parts & equipment may be carried by handcart)

8. Permit fees are non-refundable

9. Barbeque grills may not be placed under shelters, canopies, near trees, buses, tables, buildings or within 25 feet of an inflatable.  Ashes and coals must be placed in hot coal containers only. Propane canisters and gas grills are prohibited for safety and liability


11. Commercial activities, INCLUDING VENDING of food, merchandise, pictures, etc., are not allowed without a permit. Ordinance # 40-1-12 and 40-1-24

12. No commercial photography/filming without authorized permit

13. Area must be cleaned prior to leaving

14. Inflatables may not be used for commercial activity (this includes selling, charging admission, etc.)

15. An adult over 21 years of age must supervise the usage of inflatables at all times

16. No Skating on buildings or structures

17. No overnight camping without permission from park administration. Ordinance # 34-2-2

18. Do not cut scratch burn or deface trees, pick flowers or cut branches, harm park landscapes, remove plants or dig in soils. Ordinance #57-2-3   

19. Dogs must be on leash no longer than 72 inches Ordinance # 40-1-18.  Dog owner must clean up after dogs. Ordinance #40-1-13

20. No pets in or on play areas, play equipment or sports fields

21. No ATV's, model aircrafts, model automobile, go carts, model boats or any other type of unlicensed combustion powered vehicle allowed. Ordinance # 40-1-23


Printable COD Park Rules.pdf

Special Event Form 2017

Park Improvement Authorization Form

Park Improvement Sample Donation Letter

Outdoor Pools
  Splash Pad Palmer Park
  Brennan Pool
12 noon - 8 pm, Sunday through Saturday
Cost $2
(313) 653-0621
Rouge Park
Indoor Pools Address
  Adams Butzel Complex 10500 Lyndon (at Meyers)
  Heilmann Recreation Center 19601 Crusade
  Kemeny Recreation Center 2260 S. Fort
  Patton Recreation Center 2301 Woodmere
  Williams Community Center 8431 Rosa Parks
  Young Recreation Center 2751 Robert Bradby Dr.
Field Name Field Location Baseball Fields Softball Fields
Adams/ Butzel Complex 10500 Lyndon 1 2
Balduck Park 5271 Canyon 1 5
Butzel Family Center 7737 Kercheval   2
Chandler Park Dickerson / Chandler Park Drive   2
Clark Park 1500 Scotten St. 1 1
Comstock Park James Couzens & Norfolk 2
Crowell Recreation Center (Hope Playfield) 16630 Lahser   2
Dad Butler Park 20230 Conant   2
Farwell Recreation Center 2711 E. Outer Drive 1 3
Forrest Canfield & St. Aubin 1 1
Heilmann Recreation Center 19601 Crusade   1
Horton (Northwestern) 2200 W. Grand Blvd. 2 2
Jayne Field 13280 Conant St. 5 6
Kemeny Recreation Center 2260 S. Fort St. 1 2
Kranz Woods   E. 7 Mile/Ryan   1
Lipke Park E. 7 Mile/Van Dyke    
Maheras Park 12550 Avondale 1 4
Manz Field Mack & Conner 1
Nagel Park 3100 Wabash   1
O'Hair Park 8 Mile & Evergreen   4
Palmer Park Woodward & Seven Mile
Patton Recreation Center 2301 Woodmere 1 3
Peterson Park Curtis & Greenfield 1 2
St. Hedwig 5660 Konkel 2 1
Tindal Seven Mile & Birwood
Wish Egan Schoenherr & E. State Fair   1
Athletic Field Application

Boxing Membership Fee

6 months$25 Resident$35 Non Resident$100 Professional

1 year (17 and under) $20 Resident$30 Non Resident

Boxing Gyms

Adams/Butzel Complex

Crowell Recreation Center

Lasky Recreation Center

Young Recreation Center

Golf Courses Golf Course Address
  Chandler Park Golf Course 12801 Chandler Park Drive
  Palmer Park Golf Course 19013 Woodward Ave
  The Rackham Golf Course 10100 W. 10 Mile Road
  The Rouge Park Golf Course 11701 Burt Road
Marinas Marina Address
  Erma Henderson Marina 8800 E. Jefferson
  Riverside Marina 11000 Freud

Annual Center Membership Fee (*excluded)

Under 5 - No Charge
Ages 6-12 - $5 Residents / $10 Non-Residents

Ages 13-17 - $10 Residents / $20 Non-Residents

Ages 18-54  - $10 Residents / $20 Non-Residents

Ages 55 & over  - No Charge Residents / $10 Non-Residents

Recreation Centers Recreation Center Address
  Adams Butzel Complex 10500 Lyndon
  Butzel Family Center 7737 Kercheval
  Clemente Recreation Center 2631 Bagley
  Considine Center* 8904 Woodward Ave
  Crowell Recreation Center 16630 Lahser
  Delray Community Center* 420 Leigh
  Farwell Recreation Center 2711 E. Outer Dr.
  Heilmann Recreation Center 19601 Crusade
  Kemeny Recreation Center 2260 S. Fort
  Lasky Recreation Center 13200 Fenelon
  Northwest Activities Center* 18100 Meyers
  Patton Recreation Center 2301 Woodmere
  Williams Community Center 8431 Rosa Parks
  Young Recreation Center 2751 Robert Bradby Dr.
NOTE:   All Lenox Recreation Center activities have moved to DPRD Special Needs Program at Heilmann Recreation
           To participate in recreation programs and activities, each participant must have a valid center membership.
         Additional fee for classes/programs/activities may apply.