Detroit Dashboard

Detroit Dashboard 
What We're Doing
Full-court press for successful Angels’ Night underway
Several City departments have a hand in making this year’s Angels’ Night a quiet one for our community. The Detroit Fire Department has been actively testing fire hydrants around the city, and Detroit Water and Sewerage Department has been busy fixing or replacing those hydrants.  Employees of the Detroit Fire and Police departments have been canvassing gas stations around the city, informing them about the special gas can ordinance in place for the three-day Angels’ Night period.  Staff from the Department of Neighborhoods and all Mayoral appointees have been in the community, knocking on doors to get more volunteers.
The campaign is not over. There is still time to volunteer. And if you are a volunteer who blexts, there is a special contest from you need to know about.

Public Lighting Authority to have updated streetlight schedule soon
As we mentioned last week, the PLA already is starting on work scheduled for 2015 - more than two months ahead of schedule. This means people who use Woodward Avenue or East Outer Drive regularly will have a brighter drive home from work in the next few weeks.  To keep residents and commuters up-to-date on the progress, a new schedule will be published the first week of November.

City announces dates for auction City vehicles and equipment
Private contractors and smaller municipalities have a great opportunity to purchase a wide variety of work vehicles, including garbage trucks, public lighting trucks and buses - even trolley-style streetcars, - during upcoming auctions in early November. More than 400 pieces of equipment are available at two auctions - one on site and another online.  

My Detroit Cable programming is available on AT&T U-Verse
Is AT&T your cable provider? If yes, you can watch your City government channels on Channel 99. Tune in to stay up-to-date on City Council meetings, as well as the positive changes happening in our neighborhoods.

What's Coming Up
2014 Public Budget Meeting next Tuesday
The City’s Budget Department is holding its annual Public Budget Meeting on Tuesday, October 28 at 6 p.m. The meeting will be at the Coleman A. Young Community Center, located at 2751 Robert Bradby Drive, Detroit, MI 48207. Representatives from Budget, Public Works, Fire, Health, Police, Public Lighting, and Recreation departments will be on hand to answer questions.

Community Information & Events
For more information on upcoming Recreation and Community Events, click here.

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What We Did Last Week
new LED streelights installed
tons of illegal dumping removed
blighted homes removed
vacant homes posted with legal notices
nuisance suits filed
vacant home renovation owner agreements
avg EMS priority response time (min/sec)
police response time

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