West Vernor Corridor Plan

A combined overlay of past studies for Southwest Detroit shows a complexity of boundaries and corridors with a diversity of needs, stakeholders, and approaches. An early task is to understand and prioritize the initiatives for broader community benefit.

Project Summary

In an effort to further Mayor Duggan’s commitment to neighborhoods, the City of Detroit's Planning and Development Department (P&DD) has embarked on new community planning initiatives in several Detroit neighborhoods, including the West Vernor Corridor.
P&DD has retained Goody Clancy as the lead planning consultant to help develop the West Vernor Corridor Framework Plan that will create a comprehensive vision of the area and prioritize infrastructure investments within the neighborhood.  Three local firms —livingLAB, Detroit; Giffels Webster, Detroit; and Global Detroit—will provide significant consulting and advisory roles for the multi-disciplinary project as well.
The Planning Team’s approach harnesses the extensive past planning and implementation work of Southwest Detroit community organizations and their partners, and build a comprehensive vision for the community.  We will:

  • Honor past work, recognizing larger goals, respecting authorship, understanding what has and has not been accomplished, and identifying the most important next steps to take.
  • Prioritize goals and initiatives utilizing objective criteria and refining these recommendations through subsequent discussions with the community and stakeholders.
  • Innovate effective solutions to challenging problems, combining local knowledge, lessons from other communities, and new creative thinking.
  • Launch actions by cultivating leadership, identifying vital resources, and mapping the most effective sequence of initiatives.


Saturday June 3, 2017

The City of Detroit’s Planning and Development Department and Department of Neighborhoods invite you to participate in efforts to turn planning into action in neighborhoods along West Vernor Highway.

2 Locations / times for your convenience
Light refreshments will be provided

Western High School
1500 Scotten Street
Detroit, MI 48209
10am - 1pm

Patton Recreation Center
2301 Woodmere Street
Detroit, MI 48209
3pm - 6pm

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