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City of Detroit to create a Municipal Identification Program

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Today, Council Member Raquel Castañeda-López, Council Member Mary Sheffield, Council Member Council Member André Spivey, and State Representative Stephanie Chang, in partnership with Detroit’s Immigration Task Force, joined voices to announce the importance of creating a Municipal ID program for the most vulnerable communities in the City of Detroit.

“Oftentimes, vulnerable members of the public such as the elderly, homeless, youth, ex-offenders, the transgender community, and immigrants have great difficulty obtaining an ID card. A City of Detroit Municipal ID would afford these populations the human right to recognition as well as provide access to valuable civic, safety, and community services, which will enhance the City overall,” says Council Member Castañeda-López.

 State Representative Stephanie Chang says that Michigan has had restrictions on drivers’ licenses since 2008; meaning that those who are not citizens or “legally present” are unable to get driver licenses. Therefore, it is an important and exciting announcement today that we will be working at the city level to issue ID cards.

Council Member Mary Sheffield, who chairs the Homeless Task Force, states that homeless people are just like the rest of us- they work, drive, and vote. The municipal ID will allow many of these individuals to partake in those activities that many of us take for granted. It also removes a very important barrier towards obtaining permanent housing, and making a better life for themselves.

The implementation of a Municipal ID program has been a goal of the Immigration Task Force, which is co-chaired by Council Members Raquel Castañeda-López and André Spivey, since its inception over a year ago. This initiative is part of the Task Force’s mission to create a more Diverse, Inclusive, and Global City of Detroit

The City of Detroit is expecting to vote on the Municipal ID ordinance sometime early next year.

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