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Last of 80 new buses go on the road: DDOT makes full pull out for the first time in years

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  • In January 2014, as few as 58% of scheduled buses actually made it on the road.

  • Mayor thanks Vice President for his help in obtaining 80 new buses

  • As the last 4 new buses were put on the road this afternoon, DDOT will achieve 100 percent of scheduled pull-out for the first time in years.

  • Mayor says 500,000 weekly riders should now expect to see reliable bus service

One of the greatest frustrations for Detroit residents for years has been the city’s inability to provide reliable bus service to the 500,000 passengers who rely on DDOT every week for their essential transportation services.  In January 2014, at times as few as 58% of scheduled buses actually made it onto the road and Detroiters could wait hours for a bus.  Detroit was short drivers, mechanics, and most of all, working buses.

As of today, 192 buses - 100 percent of DDOT’s scheduled fleet – were finally on the road.

The full scheduled pull-out was made possible by the addition of 80 new federally funded buses, including the last 50 from a Ladders to Opportunity Grant from the Obama Administration.   Today, Vice President Joe Biden joined with Mayor Mike Duggan to roll out the final five new buses - 60 foot articulated vehicles that will provide greater capacity along DDOT’s busiest routes.

DDOT has also added more than 100 new drivers since last year, providing the staff to operate the additional equipment.

Mayor Duggan personally thanked Vice President Biden for his role in securing the funding for the city’s new buses.  

“Without the considerable efforts of the Vice President, we would not have made nearly as much progress as we have today,” said Mayor Duggan.   

Major Improvements

  • Added 80 new buses to the DDOT fleet this year, including 10 sixty-foot articulated buses to increase passenger capacity along major routes.
  • Hired 100 new drivers and 35 mechanics since 2014
  • Outfitted all buses with video cameras inside and out and established a 29-member Transit Police force to improve safety on DDOT coaches.  
  • Launched the DDOT Bus smartphone app, which uses real-time tracking, tells riders when their route is arriving, reducing the amount of time they have to wait at bus stops.

Measurable Results

  • As DDOT has been steadily adding drivers and buses this year, the results have been significant:
  • The first week of September DDOT had the highest ridership in 2015 to date: 545,718.
  • Bus breakdowns have dropped dramatically.  DDOT buses needed one road call every 2,116 miles of service in July, 2014.  By July, 2015, service calls were down to one every 4,135 miles.
  • Complaints about DDOT service were down 45 percent in July compared with last July.


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