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City of Detroit Launches Municipal ID Program

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  • New municipal ID program provides access to key city services, savings & checking accounts, discounts at local businesses, cultural institutions, and much more
  • Residents can schedule appointments to apply now at www.DetroitMi.gov/DetroitID
  • Intake Centers now open at Samaritan Center and Patton Rec Center

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and a coalition of civic, community and business leaders today introduced the new Detroit ID, a municipal identification card that will help thousands of Detroiters gain access to important city services, interact with the Detroit Police Department, financial institutions, cultural organizations, as well as shopping and dining discounts across Detroit.

The Detroit ID will be available to all city residents ages 14 or older, regardless of immigration or housing status, criminal record, or gender identification. The Municipal ID does not replace a driver’s license or state ID, but will be recognized by many city departments and agencies as a valid form of identification.

“The Detroit ID card is about one thing: removing the barriers that people of all ages and backgrounds face, whether its access to city services, a job, the ability to open a bank account or enroll their child in school,” said Mayor Mike Duggan.  “As Detroit continues to grow, we are committed to making it a city where every resident has the same opportunity to participate in its comeback.”

Earlier this year, Councilmember Raquel Castaneda-Lopez lead the effort to pass the ordinance that created the Municipal ID Program, in an effort to help residents who struggle to obtain a government issued ID.  The Detroit ID card, however, does more than just provide a form of identification.  It also opens doors of opportunity.

“I think it’s important to emphasize that the Detroit ID is not about immigration. It’s about building inclusive democracies and removing barriers in our community,” said Detroit City Council Member Raquel Castaneda-Lopez.

The Detroit ID will allow eligible residents to interact with important city services including the Detroit Police Department, Health Department, Water and Sewerage Department, the Detroit Land Bank Authority.  It will also be recognized as a valid form of ID at several institutions including DTE Energy, One Detroit Credit Union, Detroit Public Schools Community District, Advantage Health, and the Detroit Medical Center.

In addition, more than 100 local businesses and cultural institutions have agreed to provide discounts and perks to cardholders. Among the partners are AMC Theaters, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Detroit Historical Museum, Buddy’s Pizza and the YMCA and many more.  A complete list is available on the city’s website at http://www.DetroitMi.gov/DetroitId.

The City of Detroit will use software that is in line with federal and banking industry procedures to ensure the safety of the program. Additionally, intake specialists complete a rigorous 40-hour training process on how to authenticate documents, understand privacy issues and review an application effectively.

How to get a Detroit ID
Below is the process for Detroit residents to obtain their Detroit ID:

1. Schedule an appointment: Residents can go to www.Detroitmi.gov or call 1-800-408-1599 to schedule an appointment in advance. While walk-ins will be accepted, the process will go much faster if you schedule an appointment.

2. Gather Documentation: Documentation that establishes the applicant's identity and residency is required and is subject to verification.  Examples include utility bills, social service agencies or house of worship letters, tax assessments, and school records. Examples of valid proof of identity also include U.S. or foreign passports, U.S. or foreign driver’s licenses, U.S. or foreign military ID card, HMIS ID or record of services, ID cards from educational Institutional.  The applicant's documents will be returned immediately after completing the application process.  

3. Visit an Intake Center: The City has opened two intake centers -- Patton Park Recreational Center (2301 Woodmere) and the Samaritan Center (5555 Conner). Both intake centers will be open Mondays and Wednesdays from 1PM – 7PM and Saturdays from 10AM – 6PM.

In addition to the two stationary intake centers at the Samaritan Center and Patton Park Recreational Center, the Municipal ID program will host 4 pop-up locations throughout the city during the first quarter of 2017. Dates and locations for these events will be announced in January.

4. Cost: For residents over 18, but under 62 years of age, the initial purchase of the card will cost $25 with a $10 bi-annual renewal fee.  For those over 62 years of age and between the ages of 14-18 the initial purchase of the card will cost $10.

5. Receiving your Detroit ID: The ID card may be mailed to the cardholder within two weeks or it can be picked up at one of the intake centers.  

Card information and security:

The Detroit ID card will display the cardholder’s identification number, photo, address, date of birth, height, and eye color.  The cardholder will have the option of displaying if they choose to be an organ donor.

In addition to the verification procedures, the Detroit ID card has a number of features to protect it from counterfeiting.  The security measures built into the card include: (1) embedded micro text (2) multiline guilloche security background pattern (3) rainbow printing (4) 22 digit unique serial number (5) security holograms (6) invisible UV ink security printing (7) embedded City seal (8) embedded cardholder photograph (9) embedded cardholder signature and (10) QR code with data contained on Detroit ID card.

The City is committed to maintaining the privacy of Detroit ID card holders and has engaged SF Global as the City’s vendor to administer the Detroit ID program.  SF Global is an experienced municipal ID card vendor that has administered programs in Oakland, CA, Richmond, CA, and New Haven, CT.

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