Moving forward on Mayor Duggan's commitment to neighborhoods, the City of Detroit's Planning and Development Department (PDD) has recently completed an 18-month long neighborhood framework initiative in Islandview, West Village, Indian Village, and East Village.

On June 7, 2018, The City of Detroit announced a series of implementation projects to begin in the next few years. The City will be investing public dollars in public spaces and infrastructure as a comprehensive neighborhood approach so residents can see real projects working together to strengthen the neighborhood.

The City of Detroit will begin implementation on various neighborhood components in the next 1-3 years. Near-term projects include the following categories: 

  • Street / Streetscape - Kercheval Avenue b/w Bellevue and Fischer (Construction Spring 2019)
  • Street / Streetscape - Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Crossing Interventions around perimeter of Butzel Playfield and on Van Dyke at Agnes and Lafayette) (2018/2019)
  • Greenways - Beltline Greenway Phase 1 -- Detroit River to Lafayette Avenue between Beaufait and Belleview (Construction Estimate Spring 2019)
  • Single Family and Multi Family Rehabilitation - Developer Request for Proposals for Neighborhood Stabilization Recommendations --Boundaries: Mack, Kercheval, Field, Van Dyke (RFP Release June 21, 2018)

A special thank you to Detroit-based firm Smith Group JJR and their team of consultants, who have been leading voices and invaluable contributors to this extensive planning initiative. Consultant Teams: Smith Group JJR (Lead), SCAPE Landscape Architecture, Christian Hurtienne Architects, Quinn Evans Architects, Copenhagenize, HR&A Advisors, Center for Community Progress, Streetsense, Inc. (Consultant of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation)



Conversations with the community will continue during implementation! If you’d like to participate in ongoing conversations regarding implementation projects, please sign up for updates.

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Upcoming  Meetings

On Detroit’s east side, the City has undergone a 18-month long planning effort in Islandview/Greater Villages. Based on your feedback
from the last year, the City will be introducing projects that will begin implementation in the near future. 

Kercheval Avenue Streetscape and Retail Development – Meeting #2

To be scheduled, please stay tuned


With advance notice of seven calendar days, the City of Detroit will provide interpreter services at public meetings, including language translation and signage for the hearing impaired. Please contact the Planning and Development Department at (313) 224-1339 to schedule these services.

Past Meetings (2017 - 2018)

Thursday, June 28, 2018 - Download the flyer

Kercheval Avenue Streetscape and Retail Development – Meeting #1

Location: 8058 Kercheval (Outdoor Courtyard between Sister Pie and Metropolis on Kercheval Avenue)

June 2018 Meeting

  • Thursday, June 7 @ The Solanus Casey Center

May 2018 Meeting

  • Thursday, May 24 @ The Commons - Focus Session with  Community Organizations

March 2018 Meeting

  • March 1 @ The Solanus Casey Center -- Focus Session with  Community Organizations

February 2018 Meetings

  • February 27 @The Commons -- Focus Session with  Community Organizations
  • February 27 @The Church of the Messiah -- Focus Session with  Community Organizations

August  2017 Meeting - Download the Summary Here

  • August 17 @ Solanus Casey Center

May 2017 Meetings - Download the Summary Here

  • May 18 @ Gleaners Community Food Bank 
  • May 20 @ Capuchin Soup Kitchen

March 2017 Meetings - Download the Summary Here

  • March 14 @ Butzel Recreation Center Hosted by West Village Association & Eco-D - Feedback Map
  • March 21 @ Genesis Lutheran Church Hosted by GenesisHOPE - Feedback Map
  • March 23 @ Southeastern High School Hosted by City of Detroit- Feedback Map

January/February 2017 - Pre Launch Conversations with Community Organizations