Department of Administrative Hearings (DAH)


Persons or entities that are issued a Blight Violation Notice will be given a chance to present his/her defense(s) at a hearing. Failure to appear at the hearing will result in the entry of an order of judgment by default. DAH hearings are presided over by administrative hearing officers who are licensed Michigan attorneys and independent contractors. City inspectors, police officers, and other City officials present the City of Detroit's case at hearings.


The City will actively and aggressively pursue violators, and the collection of fines. Fines are outlined for specific violations in the Detroit City Code and listed on each Blight Violation Notice. Hearing officers cannot impose jail time for any violations. The maximum fine that can be imposed is $10,000.   If a citizen ignores a Blight Violation Notice, a decision and order of default will be issued finding the citizen responsible for the violation alleged in the Blight Violation Notice.  Failure to pay fines, fees and costs will result in collection actions being started against the violator, which may include garnishment of wages and/or judgment liens being placed upon property.

Payment Methods Available

There are various payment options for a Blight Violation Notice (BVN).
Payments can be made in person during business hours at :

Department of Administrative Hearings
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Avenue - Suite 1004
Detroit, MI 48226

by mail, or via telephone for credit card payments.
The DAH accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, certified checks, and VISA, Mastercard and Discovery cards.
To pay online visit the: Blight Violation payment page.

Payment Discount and Penalty:

• A FINE paid BEFORE the scheduled hearing date will be reduced by 10%
• A FINE paid AFTER the scheduled hearing date will be increased by 10%
NOTE: The date of receipt of the payment by the DAH determines whether a discount or penalty applies.

Administrative Fee Mandated by Law

There is a legislatively-mandated $30 administrative fee ($20 City Administrative Fee and $10.00 State Justice Assessment) for the processing and adjudication of this Blight Violation Notice.

Collection Action

Failure to pay the Blight Violation Notice fine and fees will result in collection action against persons responsible for blight violation notices, which may include negative credit reporting, garnishment of wages, and/or judgment liens being place on real property.


Citizens have a right to appeal the Department of Administrative Hearings (DAH) hearing officers' decisions to the Wayne County Circuit Court within 28 days of the date of the order. Written information about the procedures for filing an appeal of an order or to set aside a DAH order of default can be picked up at:

Department of Administrative Hearings
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Avenue - Suite 1004
Detroit, MI 48226