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For any additional questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to any of the Network Members, our Neighborhood Partner Organizations, or the City of Detroit via the Department of Neighborhood for District 5.

The City of Detroit Choice Neighborhood Team

  • Arthur Jemison, Director, Housing & Revitalization Department
  • Kelley Lyons, Director, Detroit Housing Commission
  • Maurice Cox, Director,   Planning & Development Department  
  • Karen Gage, Project Management
  • Nicole Stallings, Project Management
  • Betsy Palazzola, Neighborhood Plan Lead
  • Donald Rencher, Housing Plan Lead
  • Meghan Takashima, People Plan Lead
  • Vince Keenan, Civic Engagement Lead

Choice Network Members

The Choice Network includes representatives from across the focus area that will contribute to the planning process and help guide civic engagement. The Network will meet once a month from now until June, and may be called upon for additional meetings as needed, including two community meetings.

  • Michelle Andonian, Eastern Market Resident
  • Brian Bartes, Wolverine Packing
  • Cheryl Pou, Brush Park CDC Board & Brewster Homes Resident
  • DeWayne Wells, Eastern Market Corporation Board
  • Erika Francis, Brewster Homes Resident
  • Geoff Sypitkowski, Brush Park CDC Board
  • Jannie Scott, The Village of Brush Park Manor Paradise Valley
  • John Gardner, King David Grand Lodge
  • June Antwine, Brewster Homes Resident
  • Kyle Polk, Eastern Market Developer
  • Mona Ross Gardner, Brush Park CDC
  • Robert Deane, Eastern Market Resident
  • Ron Butler, Crosswinds Condo Association
  • Shirl Bean, Brewster Homes Resident & Resident Council President
  • Steve Walker, Eastern Market Property Owner

Neighborhood Partner Organizations

  • Brewster Homes Association
  • Brush Park Community Development Corporation
  • Eastern Market Corporation

Choice Transformation Plan Partners

Detroit Collaborative Design Center (DCDC), Civic Engagement and Transformation Plan Draft

  • Real Estate Strategies, Inc/RES Advisors, Market Evaluation
  • Urban Strategies, People Plan Advisor
  • Wallace Roberts & Todd (WRT), Final Transformation Plan & Designs
  • Wayne State University Center for Urban Studies, Metrics & Evaluation