The People Plan of the Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant will offer a host of services focused on the needs of the community and is meant serve the residents of the selected Choice Neighborhood.  The People Plan component aims to improve outcomes related to health, education, and employment of residents of the Choice Neighborhood, with a specific focus on children.

The City of Detroit is working with various stakeholders to leverage all types of investments to support the People Plan, such as after school actives, summer youth programming, access to transportation, recreational actives, job training and placement, and more.  This plan is guided by a number of different outreach strategies, including the community meetings, assessment surveys, and feedback gathered through the neighborhood network.

The Choice Network includes representatives from across the focus area who will contribute to the planning process and help guide civic engagement. The Network will meet once a month from now through June, and may be called upon for additional meetings as needed, including two community meetings.  Please visit the Program Contacts + Feedback page for a listing of the Choice Network Members.