In May 2016, City of Detroit and the Detroit Housing Commission completed a six month competitive RFP process to select a developer to assist with the creation of the Douglass-Market Transformation, specifically the mixed-income, mixed-use development plan, for the City of Detroit’s Choice Implementation Grant Application to HUD
The Douglass-Market Housing Strategy is aimed at implementing the community-supported vision to develop a dense, mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood that fosters social inclusion and preserves affordability to meet the needs of current residents and attract new residents.

The implementation of the Housing Plan will be led by a Joint Venture (JV) comprised of a national affordable housing expert, Enterprise Community Partners, a full-service, Detroit-based real estate firm, Bedrock Real Estate Services, LLC, and a local minority-owned real estate developer specializing in affordable housing, Ginosko Development Corporation. Working closely with the City and DHC, the JV will develop a high-quality 1,037 unit, new construction, mixed-income and multigenerational community.

The specific target sites selected for development are:

DHC Site (Brush Park): The Transformation Plan includes 850 residential units on the cleared site of the former DHC Brewster Douglass Homes. The majority of the units are planned as rentals, although townhouse units may be offered for sale if market conditions permit. The program also includes a 3,400 SF neighborhood retail component as well as additional community and social service space. The 224 public housing replacement units will be included on this site.

3480 Russell Street (Eastern Market District): This City-owned site in the Eastern Market District (EMD) is proposed for redevelopment as 71 Low- Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) and market rate rental units, 24 of which will be live-work units. In addition, there will be 12,060 SF of ground floor retail space and a light industrial building (9,200 leasable SF).

Shed 4 Site (Eastern Market District): is an open-air market shed. The development program will include enclosing the market shed and adding 20,200 SF of additional commercial (retail/restaurant/office) space and 62 workforce and market-rate rental housing units on upper floors.

124 Alfred Street: A 54-unit age – restricted LIHTC building which will include eight public housing replacement units.

The urban design proposed in the Housing Strategy will yield a neighborhood where residents’ daily needs are met for high-quality housing, goods, services, healthcare, amenities, access to employment, high speed internet, and recreation in a setting that is historic and connected on multiple levels. The neighborhood will incorporate environmentally sustainable strategies throughout so that both building and neighborhood forms contribute to resident health, wellness, and safety.