DDOT Rider Alerts



DDOT Comes to Meijer on Weekends!

Starting November 14, 2015 Route 32 McNichols will serve Meijer's Old Redford store on Saturday and Sunday. A new bus stop is located in the Meijer parking lot near Grand River.

Weekend service will travel to/from Meijer instead of McNichols & Rockdale. Bus stops on McNichols west of Trinity will no longer be served on Saturday or Sunday. Buses will depart Meijer at the times currently listed for McNichols & Rockdale.

Additional service will connect Meijer starting in January 2016. More details soon!

Linwood reroute for the closure of Trumbull Bridge over I-94

On March 18, 2016 at 8:00am, the Trumbull Bridge over I-94 will be closed until further notice. This closure will be long term and will affect the #29 Linwood route. Passengers affected by the closure please board the bus on Holden at Trumbull and on Trumbull south of Warren.