Historic Designation Advisory Board

Final Reports, Ordinances, and Historic District Map


As mandated by the Michigan Local Historic Districts Act and Chapter 25 of the City Code, The Historic Designation Advisory Board produces a Final Report for each proposed historic district under study. Once a historic district is designated, the Final Reports continue to be valuable sources of information. They describe the significance of each district and identify contributing and noncontributing buildings and other resources.

Each historic district is enacted by an ordinance containing a legal boundary description and describing the elements of design for the district. Ordinances for each district are linked below, or can be requested from the City Clerk. In some cases, enacted historic district boundaries may differ from those recommended by the Historic Designation Advisory Board in its Final Reports.

Please note that Final Reports were not produced for historic districts established prior to 1976. These are: West Canfield, Orchestra Hall, Indian Village, St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Detroit Cornice & Slate Building, Boston-Edison, Soldiers and Sailors Monument, and Bagley Memorial Fountain.

All work conducted within a historic district (construction, alteration, demolition, site work, etc.) requires review and approval by the Historic District Commission. A map of the city's historic districts is available at the City of Detroit Open Data Portal.

For upcoming meetings and Preliminary Reports for proposed historic districts currently under study, please call the Historic Designation Advisory Board Staff at (313) 224-3488. For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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