8431 Rosa Parks Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48206
Phone: (313) 628-2039
TTY: 711 or (800) 649-3777
Andrea Robinson, Recreation Center Supervisor    

Monday - Friday     6:00 am -  9:00 pm
Saturday   10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sunday Closed


A valid membership required to participate in all programs/activities.  

Additional fee for classes/programs/activities may apply.

recreation center

Children and teens must be engaged in staffed activities to remain at the Recreation Center.  Wandering around, being in unchaperoned areas, and loitering is forbidden.  Respect for center property and staff is MANDATORY!

For safety reasons remember that all gym activities for all ages require proper gym attire: gym short, shirt, and gym shoes.  Please send a lock with your child to be used each day.  Locks must be removed each day from the lockers.  The City of Detroit, Detroit Parks & Recreation Department is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.


Gymnasium, Weight Room, Boxing Room

Multipurpose Room, Dance Room, Kitchen

Game Room, Swimming Pool, Locker Rooms

Showers, Horseshoe Pits, Meeting Rooms

Recreation Centers Policies