Historic Fort Wayne
6325 W. Jefferson
Detroit, MI 48207
Phone: (313) 628-0796
E-Mail: fortwayneinfo@detroitmi.gov
TTY: 711 or (800) 649-3777

Open  April – October

Historic Fort Wayne was built in 1845 as a new artillery post to serve the United States in future attacks by British Canada. Throughout its more than 160-year history, however, the fort has largely been a peaceful location, serving as an infantry garrison and a primary induction point for Michigan troops entering every U.S. conflict from the Civil War through the Vietnam War. The fort is currently owned and operated by the City of Detroit. Every summer, the Detroit Recreation Department hosts historic re-enactments, special events and outdoor activities for visitors.

Important Information
We hope you enjoy your visit and ask that you honor the following during your visit:

•At least one adult should accompany children on the Fort grounds.

•NO pets; Service animals are welcome.

•All visitors must wear shirts and shoes.

•DO NOT ENTER or approach any building unless accompanied by a museum guide.

•NO metal detectors, digging and taking of artifacts.

•Picnicking is allowed, but NO barbecues, fires, or alcoholic beverages.

•Please place trash and litter in proper receptacles.

•NO fishing or swimming is permitted.

•The shoreline is a hazardous area, please stay 15 ft. from the river’s edge.

•Do not climb on anything or enter fenced off areas.

•Visitors are asked to report any vandalism observed to the Fort Staff; visitors will be held responsible for any damage they cause.

Fee schedule (subject to change without notice)

Special Event Parking - $5/vehicle
Guided Tours - $8/person
Historic Fort Wayne Field Trip (Includes:  tour, craft activity, and more for group of 50 max.) - $175
Rental of Entire Facility - $1,500/day

Span Am Guard House - $250/day

Riverfront parade ground, star fort, Barracks bldg, or visitor center w/ mess hall - $500/day