7737 Kercheval
Detroit, MI 48214
Phone: (313) 628-2100
TTY: 711 or (800) 649-3777

Cecilia Walker, Executive Director  

Monday - Friday     11:00 am - 7:00 pm     



A valid membership is required to participate in all programs/activities.

Facility Request

Block Club Meeting, Community Meetings, Parties, Field  Use, Outdoor Shed Rental, Tournaments, etc.

Detroit Police Northeastern District Sub-Station

Mayor's Time Activities

Senior Net Computer Lab

Youth Computer Lab

Senior/Youth Recreation Programs

After School Program includes arts, gymnasium, computer lab, teen council, table games, game room activities and more.


Community Affairs Office   (313) 628-2170

Department of Health and Wellness -                 (313) 628-2100
Village Health Workers

ASSOCIATE AGENCIES (located inside Butzel)

Adult Well Being Services      (313) 925-1135

Butzel Middle School           (313) 866-7400

Butzel Middle School Nurse   (313) 866-7382


Art Rocks

Art Rocks was made possible through a grant from LISC.  The project is a collaborative effort among Butzel Family Center, College for Creative Studies, Youth on the Edge of Greatness, Pewabic Pottery, Southeastern Village, and the Salvation Army.  The program provide free art class for youth ages 7-17.

OMANKANE: The Collective     Margaret James, Director

Assists young people and their families in developing the assets and skills neede to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Youth on the Edge... of Greatness (YOE)    Aimee Lalonde, Director

YOE seeks to empower middle school youth to reach their full potential by enhancing their academic achievement, preventing their involvement with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and encouraging parents to play an active role in their child's school life.


BUTZEL FAMILY CENTER is a multipurpose community center that houses a number of agencies that provide an array of services under one roof. The mission of the Butzel Family Center is to provide and promote a world-class multipurpose center or the community by coordinating quality social services and self-help technologies designed to improve the quality of life for Detroit citizens.

The center is unique among service facilities because of the broad range of people served and the wide variety of services offered. Among the groups serviced by Butzel are Senior Citizens and Youth seeking recreational as well as educational activities.

 For more than 25 years, the Butzel Family Center has been a mainstay in the area of family and human service delivery and support for families on the east side of Detroit.Butzel responds to the community by bringing organizations and resources to the area in direct response to community needs. With broad-based involvement, technical assistance and support for community agencies and organizations, Butzel Center helps to bridge the gap between citizens and service providers.  

Community Uses

Butzel Family Center is available at no cost to community organizations and Block Clubs for meetings, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm which are located in the Butzel Family Center Service area. The Butzel Family Center Service area is Mt. Elliot to McClellan and E. Jefferson to Harper.

Facility Rentals

Butzel Family Center Conference rooms & Assembly & Banquet Hall are available for a nominal fee seven days a week. (weekend rates slightly higher) Butzel Family Center is a smoke-free, non-alcoholic facility. For rental information, Call (313) 628-2100 .  


We invite all members of the Butzel Family Center service area to come out and take part in the Butzel Family Center's "Citizen Committee." The Citizens Committee serves as an advisory board to Butzel Family Center and assist in bringing ideas from the community to the Director to better serve the community. This group meets every first Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm. All members and business owners of the service area are encouraged to participate so that we can work together in insuring that the community's needs are met. The Butzel Family Center service area boundaries are from Mt. Elliot to McClellan and from Jefferson to Harper.