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Avengers Mentoring Programs (313) 656-7214

Avengers Mentoring Programs

The Avengers offer free 6-week summer camps at Golightly Education Center, George Crockett Academy and Hartford Memorial Baptist Church,
Monday - Friday from 9 am - 4 pm beginning July 13, 2015 and ending August 21, 2015.

Capuchin Soup Kitchen Children's Program (313) 822-8606

Capuchin Soup Kitchen Children's Program

The CSK youth program plans to broaden the horizons for young people, stimulate their creativity, and
explore alternatives to violence. This summer they will host three youth programs that feature the arts,
leadership and academic enrichment.

Clark Park Coalition (313) 841-8534

Clark Park Coalition

The Clark Park Coalition provides quality receation and educational programs that cater to the interest and desires of Detroit youth year round.

Don Bosco Hall (313) 869-2200

Don Bosco Hall

Don Bosco Hall is a private non-profit agency, which provides supportive human services human services
to enhance the quality of life for youth and their families residing in the Metropolitan Detroit-Wayne County Community.

Living Arts (313) 841-4765

Living Arts

The Living Arts program serves youth ages 3 to 18. Program activities include classes on the following topics:
Visual Arts
Media Arts
The expected outcomes are increased confidence and self-worth through the arts.

Matrix Human Services - Matrix Connecting Families (313) 869-2200

Matrix Human Services - Matrix Connecting Families

This program serves youth ages 5 to 17. Program activities include:
Acting classes at the Mosiac Youth Theater
Cheer leading
As well as boy scouts and girl scouts.

Motor City Rockerz (313) 675-2018

Motor City Rockerz

Motor City Rockerz are a dance crew from Southwest Detroit established in 2007. We are here with the intent to uplift our neighborhood and to teach youth about the postive impact hip hop and breaking can have on one's life. The crew as a whole works towards teaching and mentoring youth all around Detroit but our prime focus is Southwest. All of us are from different races,backgrounds, and creeds. We are here to correct the stereotype that all hip hop is negative and to rebuild its reputation of being a positive and creative outlet for any and all people.

We teach beak dancing, house, popping, choreography & many other styles.

Mosaic Music Theatre (313) 841-1419

Mosaic Music Theatre

Mosaic First Stage Summer Camp is a fun-filled experience for youth ages 7-10. This is a three-week program, taught
by Detroit theatre professionals. Young artists have the opportunity to study acting, singing and dance.

People Enriching Empowering People Services (PEEPS) (313) 869-2200

People Enriching Empowering People Services (PEEPS)

PEEPS mission is to produce knowledgeable, productive, and financially literate young leaders and business owners.
We train high school youth in creative fields (visual arts, performing arts, media arts) while providing college access opportunities.

Tabcat Detroit - Learn Capoeira (313) 638-7379

Tabcat Detroit - Learn Capoeira

Capoeira combines< dance, music, song, acrobatics and philosophy. The music tells the stories of the present & past and is an important part of creating the ambiance of the at. Capoeira is an amazing workout for people seeking to lose weight, tone up, improve body functions, flexibility and endurance.

The Matrix Theatre Company (313) 967-0999

The Matrix Theatre Company

The Matrix School of Theatre engages young artists ages 5 -18 in:
Through Matrix's unique learning centered approach, young people in Detroit can create new work that calls attention to
crucial issues in their lives.