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For each City agency, this page includes links to a Narrative Overview, Budgeted Agency Appropriations, and a list of Budgeted Positions ("Personal Services"). The Non-Departmental Agency includes: Greater Detroit Resource Recovery Authority, Detroit Building Authority, Detroit Cable Communications Commission, and Board of Ethics, Detroit Human Resource Management System along with General Fund subsidies and advances to other City enterprise agencies such as Department of Transportation and Municipal Parking.

Narrative Overview 26.3 KB
Appropriations11.6 KB
Personal Services 10.3 KB
Narrative Overview 20.7KB
Appropriations 114.5 KB
Personal Services 12.3 KB
Narrative Overview 21.9KB
Appropriations 30.1
Personal Services 12.3 KB
Auditor General
Narrative Overview 20.3 KB
Appropriations 10.6 KB
Personal Services 10.6 KB
Narrative Overview 22.4KB
Appropriations 16.9 KB
Personal Services 20.7 KB
Narrative Overview 20.7KB
Appropriations 10.2 KB
Personal Services 10.3 KB
Narrative Overview 17.3 KB
Appropriations 10.2 KB
Personal Services 10.5 KB
Narrative Overview 19.1KB
Appropriations 17.9 KB
Personal Services 20.7 KB
Planning and Development
Narrative Overview 19.14 KB
Appropriations 28.7 KB
Personal Services 18.1 KB
Buildings & Safety Engineering
Narrative Overview 28.9 KB
Appropriations 16.1 KB
Personal Services  19.4 KB
General Services
Narrative Overview 20.3
Appropriations 17.2
Personal Services 20 KB
Narrative Overview 15.6KB
Appropriations 29.8 KB
Personal Services 40.8 KB
City Clerk
Narrative Overview 17.1 KB
Appropriations 10.3 KB
Personal Services 10.6 KB
Human Resources
Narrative Overview 21.8KB
Appropriations 24.3 KB
Personal Services 17.8 KB
Public Lighting
Narrative Overview 16.9KB
Appropriations 18. 3KB
Personal Services 20KB
City Council
Narrative Overview  19.9 KB
Appropriations 17.0 KB
Personal Services 17 KB
Human Rights
Narrative Overview 19.4KB
Appropriations 11.6 KB
Personal Services 10.3 KB
Narrative Overview 12.8KB
Appropriations 19.7 KB
Personal Services 17.8 KB
Debt Service
Narrative Overview 19.9KB
Appropriations 11.8
No Personal Services
Human Services
Narrative Overview  21.8 KB
Appropriations  23.61KB
Personal Services  14.4 KB
Narrative Overview 22.1KB
Appropriations 15.6 KB
Personal Services 19.7 KB
Department of Administrative Hearings
Narrative Overview  22.1KB
Appropriations  11.6 KB
Personal Services  10.2 KB
Information Technology Services
Narrative Overview 21.3KB
Appropriations 12.4 7KB
Personal Services 14.2 KB
Narrative Overview 21.45KB
Appropriations 23.48KB
Personal Services 40.1 KB
Department of Health and Wellness Promotion
Narrative Overview 22.2KB
Appropriations 50.7KB
Personal Services 26.9 KB
Narrative Overview 21KB
Appropriations 11.8 KB
Personal Services 10.6 KB
Narrative Overview 19.5KB
Appropriations 23.7 KB
Personal Services 21.6 KB
Department of Public Works
Narrative Overview 21.6KB
Appropriations 22.2 KB
Personal Services 22.1 KB
Narrative Overview 18.9KB
Appropriations 17.5 KB
Personal Services 30KB
Board of Zoning Appeals
Narrative Overview 17.5KB
Appropriations 11.6 KB
Personal Services 10.3 KB
Detroit Office of Homeland Security
Narrative Overview 21.8KB
Appropriations 21.1 KB
Personal Services 10.2 KB
Mayor's Office
Narrative Overview 20.8KB
Appropriations12.1 KB
Personal Services 31.6 KB
36th District Court
Narrative Overview 20.9KB
Appropriations 21.6 KB
Personal Services 10.4 KB
Detroit Workforce Development Department
Narrative Overview 19.9KB
Appropriations 22.6 KB
Personal Services 12 KB
Municipal Parking
Narrative Overview 224KB
Appropriations 22.2 KB
Personal Services 12.6KB