Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests:

On average, the City of Detroit receives 3,500 to 4,000 FOIA requests per year.

All FOIA requests must be in writing and describe a public record sufficiently to enable the public body to find the public record.  (MCL15.231 et seq.)   

You may submit your written FOIA request to:

        City of Detroit FOIA Coordinator
        City of Detroit Law Department
        2 Woodward Avenue, Suite 500
        Detroit, Michigan 48226

        Fax No.:        313-224-5505

        Email Address:     FOIA@detroitmi.gov

Public summary of FOIA procedures and guidelines

You may download a copy of the City of Detroit FOIA or City of Detroit Police FOIA form to submit a FOIA request. Please note that failure to complete the form may result in a denial of the request.

Note: If the FOIA request is for medical records, such as ambulance or an EMS run sheets, compliance with both federal HIPAA regulations and the Michigan Medical Records Access Act is required.

FOIA Appeals
: All FOIA appeals are reviewed and signed off by either the Corporation Counsel or the Deputy Corporation Counsel.

Requesting Police records? Click on the Police FOIA page.