General Requirements: Refer to City of Detroit Code of Ordinances Section 39‐5‐11 for the full requirements. Each permit shall be valid until January 31 of each year except Temporary Permit.  Annual Permit fees for periods greater than or less than one year will be prorated accordingly.

Fees (payable to “City of Detroit Treasurer” in the form of cashier’s check, or money order):

Due with submittal of the Valet Permit application

1. Permit Application Fee (non‐refundable)
  •  $250 Annual fee
  •  $100 Temporary fee

Due upon application approval and calculated by the Department of Public Works:    
2. Fee per linear foot of curbside space designated for valet staging service drop‐off and pick‐up zones

  • $25 Annual fee
  •  $5 per day Temporary fee

3. Sign Installation Fee (minimum 2 signs required)  

  • $300 for 2 signs Annual fee

4. Metered Parking Lost Revenue Fee (if applicable) will be assessed by Municipal Parking Department (MPD)
Return completed form along with all attachments to:

DPW‐City Engineering
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Avenue, Room 642
Detroit MI 48226