June 21, 2017

Recent Actions and Events:

  • The second consecutive month, the number of residential households at-risk for a service interruption due to nonpayment have declined by more than 30 percent, resulting from DWSD’s customer outreach efforts, enhanced by WRAP, the Water Residential Assistance Program, and the 10/30/50 Plan.
    • There are 6,018 Detroit households enrolled in WRAP as of May 31.
  • Customers can now place themselves in line before they go to a Customer Care Center using QLESS at www.detroitmi.gov/DWSDCustomerCare.
    • The system was soft-launched on May 22.
    • The payment kiosks, QLESS and upcoming web portal are part of DWSD’s “Skip the Line” initiative.
    • Media events for the kiosks and QLESS took place on May 24 and June 15.
  • The standup of the new Stormwater Management Group was official on May 25, which was published in Crain’s Detroit Business, a few days after the Mayor’s Office announced the new Office of Sustainability.
    • The Stormwater Management Group will oversee the drainage charge and credit program, and the green stormwater infrastructure projects.
    • DWSD will collaborate closely with the new Office of Sustainability.


Upcoming Actions and Events (June - July):

  • Commercial and tax-exempt customer accounts will transition to the impervious acreage rate for the drainage charge beginning July (for parcels not currently on impervious acreage), with charges on their August bill.
  • A commercial with DWSD, Wayne County Treasurer and DTE Energy will air on local TV and radio stations this summer to promote the payment kiosks.
  • The Customer Care Web Portal, part of “Skip the Line,” will launch this summer following internal testing.


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