April 19, 2017

Recent Actions and Events:

  • The number of residential customers at-risk for a service interruption due to nonpayment decreased by nearly 45% in one month resulting from WRAP enrollment, DWSD’s outreach efforts and enhanced customer service.
    • The Great Lakes Water Authority Board reallocated $1.6 million in WRAP funding to Detroit, which will assist up to an additional 2,000 households.
    • The customer communication and payment kiosks have been successful at reducing the lines at service centers compared with the same time last year.
  • Presented to Congressional staff during a Lead and Drinking Water meeting in Washington DC on May 3 with a call-to-action for increasing state revolving funds to support lead service line replacements.
  • The scheduled water main replacement projects began in April that include DWSD replacing its portion of the lead service lines.
    • DWSD is conducting drinking water outreach efforts which include providing free filters and water quality testing to the identified households.
    • DWSD is collaborating with Councilman James Tate’s office and the Department of Neighborhoods on outreach efforts for the projects on two four-block areas of Glastonbury and Faust.


Upcoming Actions and Events (May - June):

  • Customer service is conducting a soft launch of the QLESS scheduling system for customers to place themselves in line ahead of going to a Customer Care Center, as part of the “Skip the line” initiative.
  • The new Customer Care web portal is scheduled to roll-out in June.
  • DWSD has been collaborating with the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security and the Great Lakes Water Authority to create a notification plan during a water or sewer emergency.


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