December 21, 2016

Recent Actions and Events:

  • More than 20,000 never-been-billed parcels were added to the DWSD billing system following the launch of the Drainage Charge and Credit Program, significantly increasing the number of customer accounts.
  • The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality certified the lead and copper testing at 4 parts per billion, well below the current EPA action level.
    • The certification letter and testing data is posted on the city website.
  • DWSD continues the process of settling the claims for sewage backups from the July 8 and August 16, 2016 rainstorms.
    • The staff have a directive to settle all claims that are not in a class action lawsuit by the first quarter of 2017.
  • The Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) has a 90% enrollee retention rate; there are currently 4,814 Detroit households benefiting from the program.
  • Customer service staff began beta testing the new payment kiosk and have a demo unit on the eighth floor of the Water Board Building.

Upcoming Actions and Events (December - January):

  • The department -- customer service and public affairs staff – are preparing the activation of more than 30 payment kiosks and the marketing rollout.
  • The Drainage Charge and Credit Program is in the Industrial Customer billing phase, whereby notification letters are being mailed and the updated drainage charge based on acreage will reflect on their February bill.
  • Field Services staff and contractors are ready to respond to the anticipated increase in water main breaks during the winter season.

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