November 16, 2016

Recent Actions and Events:

  • Customers began receiving their bill in the all-new, easier-to-read format.
  • DWSD started the process of settling claims for sewage backups from the July 8 and August 16, 2016 rainstorms.
    • While the total amount claimed by DWSD customers is $11 million, the actual figure will differ based on verified customer losses.
  • The department is awaiting certification from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality on the 2016 Lead and Copper testing results.
    • DWSD anticipates the outcome will be 4 parts per billion (ppb), well below the current EPA action level of 15 ppb for lead in drinking water.
  • Nearly 140 customers actively enrolled in the Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) since March 1 have received the first $350 credit toward their arrears, in addition to a $25 monthly bill credit.
  • The Drainage Charge Program has held four workshops – 340 attendees total – on how nonresidential property owners can apply for credits by implementing green infrastructure practices.


Upcoming Actions and Events (November - December):

  • Within the next 30 days, DWSD customers will have the option to pay their water and sewer bill at 33 DTE Energy kiosks that include Rite Aid locations.
  • DWSD is collaborating with Council President Brenda Jones and Councilman Andre Spivey on a faith-based committee for the Drainage Charge Program to include engagement meetings in each Council District.
  • The group had its first of several meetings on November 7.
  • DWSD and GLWA employees are partnering to provide Thanksgiving meals to families through Cass Community Social Services.

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