October 19, 2016

Recent Actions and Events:

  • The collection rate increased from 83.22% as of June 30 to 90.48% on August 31.
  • The new customer bill format was tested, and feedback was received and utilized from a customer advisory group.
    • DWSD customers received a flier about the new bill design included in their recent monthly bill mailing.
  • The lead and copper testing initiative exceeded minimum sampling goals with results to be made public this month.
  • The Jefferson Chalmers engineering study is complete and will be released soon, and reviews of property damage claims are in process.
  • The first public workshop for the Drainage Charge Credit program was today, October 19.

Upcoming Actions and Events (October - November):

  • The department will begin using the new bill format in November 2016.
  • Notification letters will be mailed soon for industrial customers that will move to the impervious acreage rate for drainage charges as of January 2017.
  • DWSD will host a second Drainage Charge Credit Workshop for nonresidential customers on November 9 (residential customer meetings will be held in 2017).
  • DWSD employees will volunteer for Angels’ Night on October 30 to patrol neighborhoods, and the department is partnering with the Great Lakes Water Authority staff to conduct a Thanksgiving Food Drive through November 18.

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