Grand River / Northwest Neighborhood Framework Strategy

Neighborhood planning framework pairs a focus on commercial corridors with landscape design and green stormwater infrastructure in Northwest Detroit

The City of Detroit has engaged a consultant team to create a comprehensive neighborhood, landscape, and green stormwater infrastructure strategy for northwest Detroit along the Grand River corridor. The scope of work will incorporate five categories: Research and Community Engagement/Communications; Landscape Design and Green Stormwater Infrastructure; Streetscape and Mobility; Development: Economic, Housing, Historic Preservation; and Zoning.

In collaboration with neighborhood residents and community organizations, the city has identified seven focus areas within the project boundary to zoom into for investigation into potential opportunities. Each area within the planning scope boundary has its own set of challenges and opportunities for economic & housing development, as well as improved mobility and landscape. The planning strategy will highlight these areas to develop a framework with a phased approach to implementation.

In addition to strategic planning in those areas, the consultant team will create a Landscape and Green Stormwater conceptual framework for Northwest Detroit to address neighborhood flooding with solutions that enhance access to nature for residents. This will include investigation of a potential green-way along the Rouge River, as well as neighborhood and corridor strategies to improved stormwater management.

The City of Detroit and the Department of neighborhoods will engage the community through a series of focus groups and four community meetings over the course of 5 months January-May 2017.

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Project Lead: Michele Flournoy