We are now in the process of creating the City of Detroit’s Action Sustainability Agenda. Even now, we’re working with Detroit residents, community organizations, and business to draft a strategy that includes all Detroiters.

Through this effort we will join 100's of major cities with similar foundational plans that have enhanced the way cities operate and their quality of life.

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Deep community engagement will be at the core of the process.

We are meeting people “where there are” online and offline. This includes social media and neighborhood level ambassadors.

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Detroit Sustainability Ambassadors


  • Create a strategy and framework for sustainability actions.
  • Align city government and community actors around a common set of outcomes and goals.

Office of Sustainability
(313) 224-9496

Office of Sustainability
735 Randolph, Suite 904, Detroit, MI 48216

Want to stay engaged?

We are also using exciting new technology to engage residents and understand the sustainability needs of Detroiters right in their communities. To keep engaged with the Sustainability Action Agenda
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Sustainability Action Agenda