Winter Weather Hazards

Winter Weather Hazards

                                                                                                          Photo Credit : Dominick Biocchi / FEMA

Winters in Detroit have the potential to produce numerous hazardous conditions, including heavy snow, ice storms, and extreme cold with dangerous wind chill temperatures.  View the resources below for critical information and tips regarding winter weather hazards.
View for National Weather Service Winter Information and Resources

Alternative Heating Sources:
View Indoor Heating Safety Infographic Warning against using Portable Indoor Heating Devices
View News Release Pertaining to Detroit Fire Department Warning Against Using Alternative Home Heating Sources

View Frostbite Dangers Video PSA
View Infographics Regarding Signs and Dangers of Hypothermia
View Winter Weather Safety Video PSA
FEMA Winter Emergency Preparedness Kit Infographic

Warning Signs of Hypothemia
                                                                                                                           Photo Credit NOAA