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We Are Here To Serve Your Environmental Health Needs


Program Focus

  • Serves and responds to citizens environmental concerns and complaints within the City of Detroit
  • Conducts environmental health & safety inspections enforcing State of Michigan codes and regulations for
    • Child caring facilities
    • Adult foster care facilities
    • Public swimming pools
  • Verifies that all codes and regulations are being met by local businesses by conducting general health inspections within the City


Food Establishments PLEASE NOTE: Per Detroit Health Department policy, Food Safety and Environmental Health inspectors should not be offered, nor should they request any form of goods (including water, food, money, etc.) or services in the course of performing their inspection duties at your establishment. It is illegal to offer an inspector any item of value in exchange for favorable inspection report/outcome, and any offer of goods or services will be reported to senior department leadership.


Bedding and Furniture Permit Application

Child Care Center Environmental Health Inspection Request

Inspection Fees: 

    • Initial $345
    • Renewal $210