Proposed September 2018 Service Changes

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September Service Changes

September Service Changes



DDOT is considering a wide range of service changes, proposed to take effect on September 1, 2018.

Themes of the proposal include:

TOP TEN NETWORK. We’re upgrading service on ten of the most heavily used routes. These routes cover the entire city via major, easy‐to‐follow corridors. We are building Top Ten routes into a solid core for the entire system.  

To start, all Top Ten routes will feature 24/7 service and weekday frequency of 30 minutes or better. In the near future, Top Ten routes will see improved frequency (every 10‐20 minutes) during day and evening times on all days. Other enhancements, such as WiFi and better bus stops, will come online over the next year.

A key element of Top Ten is easy route numbers. As a proposal, starting in September, you’ll recognize Top Ten routes with numbers 1 to 10. This change will involve renumbering multiple routes.


See proposed renumber chart below  


Reference Guide

Other service change materials

Proposed Text Descriptions


Top Ten Brochure


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