Environmental Enforcement Issues

Property owners in the city, are responsible for keeping their properties maintained according to the City of Detroit’s local property maintenance standards. If your property is not properly maintained inside and out, you may be issued a Blight Violation Notice, more commonly known as a “Blight Ticket,” by City inspectors with the power to investigate and cite code violations. 

The BSEED Environmental Enforcement Section enforces both Chapter 9 (Property Maintenance) and Chapter 22 (Solid Waste) codes and issues violations for, but not limited to:

  • High weeds and grass
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Inoperable vehicles
  • Improper placement of Courville containers
  • Improper set-out of bulk waste
  • Improper storage of solid waste
  • Animal and fowl excrement violations
  • Illegal dumping
  • Rat harborage
BSEED's Environmental Affairs section provides community outreach and training activities to familiarize residents with ordinance requirements on the storage, handling and transport of solid waste. Environmental Enforcement Inspectors investigate, educate and protect the city against environmental rodent infestations. Through the Rodent Impact Program, Environmental Enforcement educates the public on ways to reduce rodent populations. To request Environmental Enforcement services, please call (313) 471-5108.

Environmental FAQs

Right of Entry

Buildings, Safety Engineering & Environmental Department, Environmental Affairs (EA) Division coordinates the City of Detroit’s ROE permit process for persons, developers and environmental consultants desiring to enter and conduct work on City-owned property or right-of-ways. Our responsibilities include reviewing permit requests, scope of work documents, figures/diagrams and insurance certificates. As necessary, EA conducts site inspections, contacts federal & state agencies and responds to emergencies.

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