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Historic Districts in Detroit      

Detroit Head Start Information

List of Public Assistance Programs

NEZ Tax Credit Extension Dec. 9th, 2016



Updated News:
Effective Sept 1, 2016 - The City of Detroit Medical Marijuana 
has been declared null and void by US District Court Judge
Avery Cohen. 

Application for a Zoning Change
Marijuana Zoning Map for the City of Detroit
Application for a Religious Institution from State of Michigan
Alternative Proposal Outline Marijuana Ordinance

2015 Proposed Marijuana Ordinance as Introduced

Ordinance #61 - Ballot Question - August 2, 2016

Medical Marijuana Caregiver Center - Law Department

State of Michigan Medical Marijuana Legislation

State of Michigan House Bill 4209 - Medical Marijuana Sept 2016

State of Michigan House Bill 4210 - Medical Marijuana Sept 2016

State of Michigan House Bill 4827 - Medical Marijuana Sept 2016

Small Business Information Center SBA Microloans 
 Click Here for Help and Information to assist you with the growth of your Small Business 

 2016 Property Tax Information

Help to Lower Your Property Taxes Blog Information Poverty Exemption, Neighborhood Enterprise Zone Exemption Information

Additional Forms from the Michigan Department of Treasury
Form 2368 Principal Residence Exemption can lower your property taxes up to %25. The property must be your primary residence.  
(click here for form)

Form 2766 Property Transfer Affidavit keeps you from having to pay higher property taxes (click here for form)

Form 5107 Affidavit for Disabled Veterans Exemption allows veterans a complete exemption from property taxes. You must submit a veteran’s letter from the VA stating you have PTSD or other ailments along with a valid State ID must be submitted to the local assessor. (click here for form)

 Magic LLC Plus/Fairgrounds Site Plan
July 2014