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Order #23 
Order Modifying Order No. 21 .pdf

Order #22
Order Ratifying and Approving Resolution of the Board of Water Commissioners authorizing publication of Note of Intent to issue Sewage Disposal System Revenue Bonds .pdf

Order #21
Order Approving Pension Freeze for City Employees .pdf

Order #20
Order Restoring the Salary and Benefits of the Mayor and Adopting the Agreement Between the Emergency Manger and Mayor Duggan Concerning Delegations of Authority and Transition Protocols.pdf

Order #19
Order Eliminating Budget-Required Furloughs Affecting Certain Non-Union City Employees .pdf

Order #18
Approval of Certain Agreements Related to the Public Lighting Authority .pdf
Public Lighting Authority Interlocal Agreement - CF Execution .pdf
Public Lighting Authority Interlocal Agreement - OM Execution .pdf
Public Lighting Authority Amended and Restated Trust Agreement .pdf

Order #17:
Approval of PostPetition Financing .pdf

Order #16:
Order Directing Certain City Employees to Provide Information to the Emergency Manager .pdf

Order #15:

Suspension of Certain City Wrecking Requirements to Address Blight .pdf

Order No. 14:
Approval of Trust Agreement Between and Among the City of Detroit, the Public Lighting Authority, and the Trustee .pdf

Order #13:
Filing of a Petition Under Chapter 9 of Title 11 of the United States Code .pdf

Order No. 12:
Order Adopting Fiscal Year 2014 Budget as Previously Approved by the Detroit City Council and as Amended by the Emergency Manager .pdf

Order No. 11:
Order Appointing James Craig Chief of Police of the City of Detroit Police Department .pdf

Order No. 10:
Order Suspending the Charter Requirement to fill Vacancies on the Detroit City Council .pdf

Order No. 9:
Order Modifying Orders Nos. 1 and 3 .pdf

Order No. 8:

Joint Investigation by the Inspector General and Auditor General into Possible Waste, Abuse, Fraud, and Corruption Associated with the City's Employee Benefits Programs .pdf

Order No. 7:
Coordination of Housing and Urban Development Appropriations .pdf

Order No. 6:
Approval of Initial Funding Agreement for the Public Lighting Authority .pdf

Order No. 5:
Restrictions on Transfer of Real Property Owned by the City of Detroit .pdf

Order No. 4:
Approval of the Contract for Professional Legal Services Between the City of Detroit and Jones Day .pdf

Order No. 3:
Authorization for the Detroit Mayor and City Council to conduct the day-to-day business of the City .pdf

Order No. 2

Approval of the Financial Contribution by Corporate Donors of Ambulances and Police Cruisers .pdf

Order No. 1
Restoration of Salary and Benefits of Mayor and City Council .pdf