Detroit Dashboard

Detroit Dashboard 
What We're Doing
End of mowing season means changing what we report
With the end of the summer park mowing season comes the end of reporting on that weekly metric in this report. To replace it, we will be adding the average police response time to Priority 1 calls. This metric covers from the time a 911 operator receives a call to the time an officer arrives at the scene. Our initial goal is a response time of 18 minutes.

Public Lighting Authority has completed 2014 work schedule, has started 2015
The Public Lighting Authority has consistently surpassed its weekly installation goal, and the result is finishing over two months ahead of schedule. Work has begun on the 2015 work schedule, which means crews will be working along Woodward and Outer Drive, as well as in several neighborhoods, to install new lights.

An update on the delivery of DDOT buses
Normally, it takes up to two years from ordering to delivery for a city bus to arrive. When Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx was in Detroit last month to announce a $25.9 million grant to purchase new buses, work immediately began to shorten the timeline for getting the new buses ordered and delivered to DDOT.  To date, the City has commitments to have 39 of those 50 buses delivered by June 2015.  Another order of 31 buses will begin arriving by the end of this year.

Blighted home demolitions going at a slower pace
As expected, the pace of demolition has slowed down as some funding sources are close to being exhausted.  In just the past four months, the City has taken down nearly 2,400 vacant structures.  Expect demolitions to continue at their current pace through December.

Work has begun on securing façade of the Wurlitzer Building
If you were in downtown Detroit last Wednesday, you probably noticed the crane and crews outside the Wurlitzer Building working to ensure no more bricks fall from the building. The Wurlitzer has been the recent subject of litigation by the City to compel the building owners to properly secure the building.  Thanks to the efforts of our legal team, that work is now under way.

What's Coming Up
Angels’ Night volunteering kicks off in just two weeks, and volunteers are still needed. From patrolling specific neighborhoods, to agreeing to watch a vacant building, there is an opportunity for everyone in our community to be involved.  

Community Information & Events
For more information on upcoming Recreation and Community Events click here.

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What We Did Last Week
new LED streetlights installed
tons of illegal dumping removed
blighted homes removed
vacant homes postedwith legal notices
nuisance suits filed
vacant home renovation owner agreements
avg EMS priority response time (min/sec)
police response time

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