Detroit Dashboard

Detroit Dashboard 
What We're Doing
Angels’ Night patrols are underway, volunteers are still welcome
After months of preparation, the coordinated Angels’ Night volunteer efforts are underway. While the first night saw a reduction in the number of fires compared to last year, the need for Detroiters to stay vigilant is still present. An easy way people can help is to leave their porch lights on or volunteer to patrol a city neighborhood. More information can be found on this Angels’ Night page.

Vacant lot cutting program wraps up for 2014
Our General Services Department workers and the contractors – many of them Detroit residents – have finished the massive undertaking of mowing every accessible vacant lot in the city twice this year.  After not cutting its approximately 115,000 vacant lots in four years, the City this year made two passes and completed the final lots earlier this week. GSD also coordinated with the Department of Public Works to remove thousands of tons of material illegally dumped on many of the lots.  You can look forward to seeing them again in the spring!

What's Coming Up
Home Rehab Expo happening Saturday at Marygrove College
In conjunction with an open house happening in the neighboring Marygrove neighborhood, the Detroit Land Bank Authority is hosting a Home Rehab Expo at Marygrove College beginning at 1 p.m. this Saturday. In addition to the expo and open house, there is an open house in the Warrendale and Warren Avenue neighborhoods this Sunday, beginning at 1 p.m.  

Surplus vehicle, machinery, shop service equipment auctions start 11/5
From municipal garbage trucks and aerial bucket lift trucks; with many things in between, a total of 450 surplus vehicles will be auctioned starting Wednesday, November 5. Full details about preview dates and other auction details can be found in this press release.

City Council to vote on purchase order for 19 new buses
The City of Detroit was awarded $25.9 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation in September to purchase 50 new buses for the Detroit Department of Transportation. Purchase agreements for the first 19 have been negotiated, and City Council is scheduled to vote on the agreements during its session November 4.

Community Information & Events
For more information on upcoming Recreation and Community Events, click here.

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What We Did Last Week
new LED streetlights installed
tons of illegal dumping removed
blighted homes removed
vacant homes posted with legal notices
nuisance suits filed
vacant home renovation owner agreements
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