• Free Notary Services
  • Free Detroit Zoo passes to eligible Detroit residents 
  • Free D-DOT Bus Schedules and D-DOT Community Information 
  • Sell D-DOT Student Bus Passes for $2 (K-12 with proof of current enrollment) 
  • Process bus cards for seniors (age 65 and older) and Medicare cardholders ($1 with valid Michigan driver’s license, Michigan State ID and/or Medicare card) 
  • Provide replacement bus cards for seniors, Medicare cardholders and disabled*
    $5 for first card and $10 for second card
    *Above cardholders can purchase an additional monthly pass for $17 with a current bus card and proper ID 
  • Sell Dog Licenses — $10 for neutered dogs and $15 for non-neutered dogs 
  • Administer the Citizens Radio Patrol Program 
  • Assist with organizing Block Clubs and Community Groups 
  • Organize Volunteers for Annual Angels’ Night Campaign
  • Organize Volunteers for Annual Motor City Makeover Campaign 
  • Provide City of Detroit Employment Information and Applications 
  • Intake of City of Detroit department-related complaints 
  • Assist with hardship applications at all locations except Central District 
  • Assist with Senior Solid Waste Discount applications
  • Assist with Summer Tax Deferment Program (July 1 – Sept. 15) 
  • Assist with Property Tax Assessment Applications (Feb. 1 – Sept. 15) 
  • Provide assistance in obtaining non-City services upon request 
  • Provide consumer information on utilities and other social services programs  
  • Homestead Property Tax Credit and Home Heating Credit Assistance
    Monday thru Friday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at all locations except Central District
    Beginning in February - September 30 
  • Distribute Voter Registration Applications