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Energy Wise Program

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The Public Lighting Department (PLD) is committed to helping its residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customers reduce and manage their electric energy use. PLD’s Energy Wise Program provides a portfolio of financial and educational opportunities to encourage and assist customers in using energy more efficiently. Below is a listing of available offerings. For additional information,

2014 Residential Offerings

The PLD Energy Wise Program offers rebates to help its residential customers make energy wise choices. Rebates are provided for energy efficiency projects commonly done in the apartment communities served by PLD.  To request a rebate, PLD residential customers must:

1. Purchase any of the following:
    •  Energy Star rated compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)
    •  LED task or night lights
    •  Energy Star rated ceiling fans

2. Obtain and complete an application. Applications are available for download by clicking here
    • 2014 Residential Application .pdf

Applications may also be requested at the main office of residential apartment buildings served by PLD or by calling 313-444-1960.

3.    Submit the application along with copies of the original receipts for the purchased items to: PLD Energy Wise, 2990 W. Grand Blvd. Ste. 310, MI 48202.
For additional information or assistance with completing an application, contact the PLD Energy Wise Team by phone at 313-444-1960.

The PLD Energy Wise Program provides FREE compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to low income* residential customers of the Public Lighting Department. CFLs are available on a first-come-first-served basis while quantities last. To receive your free bulbs, contact the PLD Energy Wise office at 313-444-1960.
* Low-income customers must meet income requirements.

CFLs require a small amount of mercury to operate—about the same amount used in late model manual thermostats. However, manufacturers continue to develop CFLs that use less mercury. Handled properly, CFLs can be safely used and recycled. For information on recycling CFL bulbs, visit the Energy Star website,

The PLD Energy Wise Program also offers FREE educational seminars to residential facilities served by PLD. Seminars can teach you about low cost/no cost efficiency measures you can implement in your apartment to reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint. For additional information or to schedule a seminar, call the PLD Energy Wise office at 313-444-1960.

2014 Commercial, Industrial & Municipal Offering

The PLD Energy Wise Program offers financial incentives to offset the cost of implementing energy efficiency projects for business customers. Incentives are provided for a prescriptive menu of common projects in areas of lighting, HVAC and food service. Business customers also have opportunities to develop custom projects specific to their facility’s needs.

Applications for business customers are available in both PDF and spreadsheet formats. Links to them are provided below along with links to other documents that may be helpful during the application process. Completed applications can be submitted to the PLD Energy Wise Program via

•    Email at, or
•    Fax at 313-366-4946  

For additional information, assistance in completing an application, or for a list of service providers that can help you with your energy project, contact the PLD Energy Wise Team by phone at 313-444-1960.

2014 C&I Application .pdf

2014 C&I Application .xls

Reservation Extension Request Form .pdf

2014 Policy Manual .pdf

List of Michigan Made Manufacturers .pdf

2014 PLD Affidavit of Michigan Made Manufacturers .doc

2014 Energy Wise Bonus Incentives .pdf

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions .doc

Trade Allies

We are working with equipment suppliers, service providers and other businesses that offer energy related services to PLD customers. Trade Allies will receive training in the PLD Energy Wise Program procedures and the latest news & updates on program offerings. Trade Ally contact information will be published in a service provider directory available to PLD customers. If you would like to be listed in the PLD Energy Wise Service Provider Directory, contact the PLD Energy Wise Team by email at or by phone at 313-444-1960.