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Thank you for visiting the Detroit Police Department’s new interactive online crime mapping system, CrimeMapping.  For the first time ever in the department’s history, reported crime activity is available to the public by way of easy-to-use maps. Our maps provide information within specific geographic distance from a chosen center point on types of crimes and the time period that these crimes occurred.

This feature may be of particular interest to members of community groups and neighborhood watches who now have the ability to obtain public safety information whenever they like, as often as they like.  We encourage signing up for the Crime Alert system which will provide an email notification of specific crimes happening in your area.  

Awareness is the first step toward prevention. It is our belief that the crime mapping function included in our updated website will allow residents to keep an eye on neighborhood crime. Our online crime mapping system is part of an on-going effort of the Detroit Police Department to help keep the public informed, encourage community involvement, and build a safer community.

Since crime is influenced by a variety of factors and investigations of reported crime continuously evolve, the Detroit Police Department discourages data users from performing comparative analysis betweens districts, neighborhoods, or any other division of the city based solely on the information provided in interactive crime mapping system.  CrimeMapping is not a tool designed for comparative analysis. 

The Detroit Police Department is pleased to provide this valuable public resource that will strengthen the partnership between community and police.  This new endeavor is a work in progress and will continue to develop.  We are very much interested in hearing suggestions or general comments on how to improve our crime mapping system. Your feedback is very important to us.  Please send suggestions on how we might improve our website in order to better serve your needs to Pubinfo@detroitmi.gov.