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Garden Permit / Adopt-A-Lot Permit

Process for applying for a Garden Permit/Adopt-A-Lot Permit

1.  You may download an application from this Website using the link at the bottom of this page.

2.  Applicants must return their completed and signed application in person, by mail or fax. No
     fee is required. There are no size limitations.

By Mail:
City of Detroit Planning and Development Department
Real Estate Development Division
65 Cadillac Square, Suite 2000
Detroit, MI 48226
Attn:  Property Management Section

In person:
Go to the Real Estate Development Division on the 20th Floor of Cadillac Tower Building at above street address.

Via Fax:
(313) 628-2054

3.  The Real Estate Development Division of the City of Detroit's Planning and Development
     Department will review and respond to applications within 10 business days.

What kind of response can you expect to receive within 10 business days?

1.   Permit mailed to the applicant approving use between the months of January through 
2.   Denial of application letter mailed to applicant

What happens during the review process?

During the review process, the department must verify city ownership, property sales status and zoning.

Applications requesting commercial or industrial lots may take longer than 10 days due to additional reviews, which include the Department of Environmental Affairs.

If you have additional questions, call the Real Estate Development Division at (313) 224-9254.

Thank you for your interest.

Garden Permit / Adopt-A-Lot Permit Application

Garden Permit / Adopt-A-Lot Permit - Contact Application Information

Guidelines for Garden Permit / Adopt-A-Lot Permit Program