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Industrial Facilities

Industrial Facilities (IFT) Tax Incentives:

PA 198 of 1974 provides a tax incentive to manufacturers in order to enable renovation and expansion of aging facilities, building of new facilities, and to promote establishment of high tech facilities.  An IFT certificate entitles the facility to exemption from ad valorem real and/or personal property taxes for a period of 1 to 12 years.  A certificate holder will pay a specific tax known as the Industrial Facility Tax.  Applications are filed, reviewed and approved locally with the local unit determining the number of years granted, but are also subject to review at the state level by the Property Services Division and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.  The State Tax Commission is ultimately responsible for final approval and issuance of certificates.  Exemptions are not effective until approved by the Commission. Submitted Projects:

 Project  Type  Received
 Caraco  P.A.198  07-Mar-05
 Mi Btlg&Custom  P.A.198  29-Mar-06
 Northern Seafood P.A.198 09-Mar-06