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Our Meeting with Hubbard Farms/Southwest Detroit


Posted: 08/19/11
by Karla Henderson
Group Executive, Planning & Facilities for the City of Detroit
On Thursday, August 18 we had our first meeting with some of the community leaders who live within the boundaries of our Hubbard Farms/Southwest Detroit Demonstration Area.  Our meeting was held at the All Saints Neighborhood Center.

Rob Anderson, the City of Detroit’s Director of Planning & Development did an excellent job of leading the meeting. And many of our operational departments were also represented.

During the meeting with about 25 community leaders we dug deep into the Neighborhood Analysis data for their Demonstration Area.   I found those who were there to be appreciative of how candid we were about the realities of the market conditions.

Everyone in the room wanted to find solutions to improve the market conditions in the area; we were even presented a five-page document outlining the existing initiatives that are occurring in the area. It’ll be a very useful document that will help to inform our work as we proceed with our short-term strategy.
Thursday was just the first of many meetings.   We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop about what happens at our next one.  Check back here often.