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My First Demonstration Area Meeting

First Demonstration Area Meeting

Posted: 08/24/11
by Ron Brundidge
Director Department of Public Works
On Tuesday evening, August 23rd I had the pleasure of facilitating a meeting of about 30 proactive community and business leaders and residents from the Bagley, Detroit Golf Club, Green Acres, Palmer Woods, Sherwood Forest, and University District neighborhoods.

The meeting was held at the Lighthouse on Livernois Avenue on Detroit’s Westside.  It’s a good central location that is easily accessible for all those communities.  We appreciate the hospitality of New Prospect Baptist Church for being our gracious meeting host.
I have been designated the leader of a team of city employees who will be working closely with the residents in this demonstration area as we implement the short-term action strategy of the Detroit Works Project.

This meeting served as our first opportunity to drill down with this particular Demonstration Area to the specific stats as it relates to permits, vacancy, demolitions, and other data we were able to put together as part of the Neighborhood Analysis.

In our first meeting I found the residents to be extremely passionate about their communities.  It was good to have such involved residents engaged in the process.  They were not only prepared to meet with us, which we always like, but also willing to work with us to bring about positive change.  Many of them had put together reports that included information about existing initiatives, and some of the unique issues their respective communities are facing.  As we prepare to apply our market-based approach to service delivery, those reports will be very helpful.

Our next steps are for our team from the city to review and analyze the materials provided by those that were there Tuesday, combine it with the data from our Neighborhood Analysis and create benchmarks we can use to track our efforts to improve the market conditions in the boundaries of the demonstration area.

I am looking forward to our next meeting.  I will be sure to provide you with an update at that time.  Until then, check back to the Detroit Works Project web site for the latest.