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Mayor Meets with Residents

Mayor Bing Speaks with Residents About  the Detroit Works

Posted: 08/23/11

Mayor Dave Bing is taking information about the Detroit Works Project to city residents by meeting with neighborhood leaders and residents to explain the short-term action strategy and gain their perspective about how the city can best aid neighborhoods.

Accompanied by Karla Henderson, the Group Executive of Planning & Facilities, and his Deputy Director of Planning & Development, Marja Winters, the Mayor began a series of small gatherings last Saturday in communities outside the three Demonstration Areas.

“We are meeting with the leadership in various neighborhoods across the city to share the details of the Detroit Works short-term action strategy and answer any questions in hopes they will take the correct information back to their neighbors in the community,” said Mayor Bing.  “Through these gatherings we’re trying to keep residents informed about our plans, and reassure them that what we’re doing will help us become a city that will work better for everyone.”

The Mayor’s first meeting was held in the afternoon on Saturday, August 20 with 12 residents who represent The Villages CDC, the Historic Indian Village Association, Berry Sub, East Village, and the West Village Association.

Brian Hurttienne, Executive Director of The Village CDC said, “Having the Mayor reach out to us about the Detroit Works Project helps to create goodwill and shows us that even though we are not in a demonstration area, there is still interest in addressing the needs of our neighborhoods.”

And then, on the evening of Monday, August 22nd another gathering occurred but this time it was in the Berg/Lasher area of the city.  Sandra Jones-Peoples, a member of the Shiawassee Block Club was gracious enough to host the meeting in her backyard with Mayor Bing and 15 residents.

Those present at the Monday meeting represented six different neighborhood groups:
Shiawasse Block Club; Berg/ Lasher Block Club; Miller Grove Block Club; Cherokee Block Club; First Baptist World Changes International Ministries; and the Malvern Neighborhood Association.
In addition to discussing the Detroit Works Project, the conversation between the Mayor and those in attendance at both gatherings covered a wide-range of topics including: public safety, blight removal, code enforcement, home rehabilitation, vacant lot maintenance, neighborhood stabilization funds, and recreation.

After the hour-long meeting in her backyard, Mrs. Jones-Peoples said, “I was very elated to have Mayor Bing at my home.  I am glad that he is interested in helping our community and took the time to interact with our block club and others in our neighborhood.”

Meetings of this kind will continue, in addition to meetings inside the Demonstration Areas.