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Financial Management
The mission of the Financial Management Unit is to administer the Law Department’s financial resources. As custodians of each fiscal year’s budget, the Financial Management Unit informs the corporation counsel and deputy corporation counsel of all financial matters and function which affect the Law Department’s resources. Responsibilities include oversight, management and disbursement of funds.

Information Technology
The mission of the City of Detroit Law Department Information Technology Unit is to manage and maintain information systems and equipment for the Law Department, and to research and analyze daily operations in order to provide current, efficient software applications.

The unit's goals are to: provide timely and efficient support of computer equipment for Law Department users; and to continue to improve the information infrastructure by analyzing department processes and providing equipment and training to improve efficiency.

The City of Detroit Law Department Library exists to provide timely and accurate legal and non legal-information from both internal and external sources to assist city attorneys in providing high quality client services and the best possible representation during litigation.
Records Center
The mission of the Law Department Records Center is to deliver excellent and efficient records information, storage, and retrieval services to department members in a professional and pleasant manner; and to administer, with integrity, the functions of a central records center for all matters, assigned to the department that are for or against the City.