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Law Organization Chart
The Law Department is organized by different sections that are designated to handle specific legal services for the City of Detroit, based on the clients’ needs and requests.  

They include:
 • Governmental Affairs Section;

 • Labor Employment & Workers Compensation;

 • Litigation, Claims, and Revenue Collection;

 • Transactional and Economic Development;

 • Appeals;

 • Tax Appeals;

 •  Local Prosecution; and

 •  Blight Litigation.

Charter Duties

Article 7.5, Law Department:

Headed by the Corporation Counsel. One of 4 independent city agencies (along with the Inspector General, Auditor General and Ombudsperson).  

Represents interests of the City of Detroit as a body corporate and all City elected officials, departments, agencies, offices, commissions, and boards, as well as its individual employees, in their official capacity.

Budgeted Positions

FY 2013-2014
96 Total positions
59 Attorneys