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Motor City Makeover

Great American Cleanup
The Great American Cleanup is the nation's largest annual community improvement program, brings the power of 3.8 million volunteers and participants to create local change. 

Keep Detroit Beautiful Day
Join us this year by planting a community garden, removing graffiti, painting a mural or exchanging flowers.  Email us or post your event on our Facebook page.  Councilwoman Brenda Jones will host a beautification event.

Adopt – A - Park
The Adopt-A-Park Program give individuals and groups the opportunity to participate in the revitalization of Detroit by maintaining and beautifying green spaces around the city.  The City of Detroit is seeking individuals, community groups and businesses to adopt parks or play areas and pledge to take care of them for a set period of time.  You can cut the grass, plant and water flowers or pick up trash and debris on a regular basis.  You may also work with the City of Detroit to make structural improvements, such as padding play equipment, picnic tables, shelters, basketball courts and walking paths.  Call 313-530-5164 for more information.

Residents are invited to adopt a vacant City-owned lot in order to garden or provide landscape beautification and maintenance.  Upon approval, the permit grants the resident with access to the vacant City-owned lot for the calendar year.  There is no fee for the permit and you may assemble a rain barrel on the lot.  If you’d like to own a lot, please inquire about our Adjacent Vacant Lot Program at 313-628-0199 or 313-224-3450.

Adopt-A-Shelter (DDOT)
DDOT needs your help with removing litter at and around sheltered DDOT transit bus stops.
Adopt-A-Shelter and help improve cleanliness and safety within our neighborhoods. Call DDOT’s Adopt-A-Shelter Coordinator at 313-833-7761 for more information.